Social Responsibilities

Engaged in the Panda Company, life shouldn't only focus on the interests gain and loss, perseverance is our faith.

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Cangnan Philanthropy Association Panda Dairy Foundation Was Established

2014 January 18th, Panda Dairy donated 1 million yuan to set up“Cangnan Philanthropy Association Panda Dairy Foundation”to support education at the annual summing-up meeting. This one was the first foundation which titled in small amount of capitals.


Top manager of Panda Dairy Li Xi’an was granted the expert of Zhejiang“Thousands of People Plan”in 2012 with 1 million yuan awards. He donated all the money to“Cangnan Philanthropy Association Panda Dairy Foundation”in the name of Panda Dairy.


As he claimed at the ceremony,“we must be grateful for favors we have received, likewise, when the company grows up, it must make contributions to society. Children are the future of the country, it is company’s duty to do favors for educations, for country’s development and for society harmony”.