Social Responsibilities

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Panda Dairy Provide Financial Aid For Students In Need

To Help the Talents   To Make Dream Come True

Cangnan Philanphropy Association Panda Foundation Symposium


In order to help those university students who are in need, Panda Dairy Foundation held a conference at September 4th in 2015. Representative of Cangnan Philanthropy Association Zhang Songqing, top manager of Panda Dairy Li Xi’an, consultant Wu Shaoxiong attended this conference.


Panda Dairy Foundation donated 50 thousand yuan to 10 freshmen in university to solve their financial problems. At the conference, Li Xi’an encouraged freshmen to be confident and persistent. In addition, he mentioned students should cherish and grab the opportunity to improve themselves and their life by learning knowledge. And never forget to repay the society. Representative of freshmen Chen Guanghua conveyed his gratitude to Panda Dairy. He claimed he would study hard and inherit the spirit of concern and love.