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HACCP(Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) System Certification

    Human resources development and application concepts of Panda Dairy

    As the market competition become more and more severe, Panda Dairy has realized that companies must accept the challenges to keep growing. And talents are the key elements.

    Panda Dairy is talent-oriented. Talents are the engine and core chips of company. There is no doubt that a talent team can make great differences in market competition. So, Panda Dairy set talent-oriented as company’s standard of employees recruitment and adjustment;

    Panda Dairy respects talents. In order to let talents reveal their capacities., it is Panda Dairy’s top priority to respect talents and provide suitable environment.

    Panda Dairy cultivates talents. People who join Panda and come from Panda are both excellent competitive talents. Company is dedicating in cultivating competitive and international talents. It is company’s culture that develop Panda people’s style and innovative spirit.

    》You’re very welcomed to join us, we provide perfect welfare and opportunities. In Panda, we face challenges and share the happiness together.