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Pandadairy Was Honored The Second Prize Of Outstanding Contribution Enterprises

2017 February 4th, Cangnan three level (county, town and village) cadres conference was held at Cangnan stadium. The General Secretary of Cangnan county, Huang Rongding, presented significant speech. Zheng Jianzhong, the Deputy Secretary and President of Cangnan County, was the host of conference.

On the one hand, this conference was a motivational and oath taking conference, on the other hand, this conference had the purpose of improving and correcting governmental working standards. This conference had 5000 participants, which was an unprecedented conference in Cangnan no matter from scale perspective or extent perspective.



At the conference, Pandadairy was honored “The Second Prize of Cangnan 2016 Outstanding Contribution Enterprise”. Besides, professor Shi yi, the member of company’s technology innovation team, was honored “Cangnan 2016 Top 10 Excellent Talents”.