Corporate News

Director of Zhejiang Province Technology Division Visited Pandadairy

2016 August 17th, the Director of Zhejiang Technology Division, Cheng Yuechong, visited Pandadairy and held a symposium. The Chairman of Pandadairy, Li Zuogong, presented the situations of company’s developments, innovations, human resources and strategic plannings. General Manager of Zhejiang Huitai Health Technology Company, Zhang Shaohui, presented the program of bio-active peptides.


Director Cheng showed his positive perspective of performances Pandadairy had made, and congratulated company entering the NEEQ. He emphasized, talents and technologies were significant to company’s development.


The rest of people who attended symposium: Deputy Director of Zhejiang Technology Division, Chief of Zhejiang Technology Division, Deputy Director of Cangnan county, Director of Cangnan Technology Division and Deputy Manager of Pandadairy.