Corporate News

Deputy Secretary of Wenzhou Government, Chief of Wenzhou Economy Divison Zhang Zhenyu Visited Panda Dairy

2016 July 6th, Deputy Secretary of Wenzhou, Chief of Wenzhou Economy Division, Zhang Zhenyu, visited Pandadairy to facilitate company’s listing on market affair.

Zhang Zhenyu's group visited company’s production line and learned the situation of NEEQ listing. Financial Director/Secretary of Pandadairy, Xu Xiaoyu, presented company’s developments, capital operations after entering NEEQ and the progress of listing on market. After presentation, Zhang gave his recognition of company’s development and capital operations, he also claimed government would support the company to grow up.

The rest of people who attended: Deputy President of Cangnan, Chief of Cangnan Economy Division Chairman of Pandadairy, General Manager of Pandadairy  and Director of Pandadairy.