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Panda Dairy Awarded “Zhejiang Golden Time-Honored” Brand

2016 March 11th, the 5th “Zhejiang Time-Honored Brand”ceremony was held at Shouxiangu Pharmacy Company by Zhejiang Time-Honored Enterprises Association. Participants including Leaders of Zhejiang Business Division, Leaders of Wuyi Business Division and around 249 “Zhejiang Time-Honored”enterprises.


Ding Huimin, Deputy President and General Secretary of the association, was the anchor of this conference. For beginning, Li Mingyan made a welcome speech and Ding made a job summary for 2015. After that, Deputy President of association, Liu Jun, presented the arrangements and requests of 2016. Then Deputy President, Yu Jianwu, read the regulations and Deputyresident, Chen Baoxiang, read the list of enterprises.At last, Deputy President and General Secretary of association granted the award to enterprises which were on the list.


2016 is not only the beginning year of the“13th Five Years”, also the year Pandadairy is making a big progress after entering NEEQ. Pandadairy believes this “Zhejiang Golden Time-Honored Brand” granting will promote Panda brand to a brilliant stage.


2016, the association will initiate the second“Ten Years Plan” of re-energizing China time-honored brand, developing and completing the Zhejiang time-honored business.