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Panda Dairy Was Granted “China Time-Honored Brand”

2015 October 13th-14th, the 6th China Business Union Time-Honored Committee conference and the 1st China Time-Honored Enterprises Federation conference was held in Beijing. Around 400 time-honored companies were invited to this conference, discussing the development topics under the new era.


Director of China Time-Honored Committee, An Huimin, made a speech. He mentioned, “varieties of China time-honored enterprises were existing among markets, became the treasures in China’s business. Under this new business environment, consumer markets were changing rapidly, companies should noticed that cooperation and federation is the only way to face challenges and develop permanently”. Therefore, Wanglaoji Health Co. and China Business Union Time-Honored Committee set up “China Time-Honored Enterprises Federal”. This conference was the first conference since the federation was built. At the conference, not only the regulations were formulated, but also elected the first president of this federal.


Development of time-honored brand is tied up with inherit, innovation and transcendence. The first president of federal elaborated the definitions of these concepts and he thought time-honored enterprises not only be the witnesses of national history improvement, but also the heirs of national culture.



Since Pandadairy made a great contributions to national brand development, the committee granted Pandadairy “2014-2015 Outstanding Time-Honored Enterprise” and granted Li David Xi An “2014-2015 Excellent Manager of Time-Honored Enterprise”.




Innovation in inheritance is the force to improve Pandadairy. What need to inherit are the spirits of history culture,what need to be innovated are company’s appearances and operations and what need to be transcended are culture’s meanings under new era. Pandadairy believes that brand inheritance and innovation will bring new energies for the company.